Raiden Electric Solar: The Process to "Go" Solar



Quote / Contract

Permits / Approvals

Installation / Energizing

We believe the solar process should be easy, hassle-free, and not at all mysterious. Our solar process includes 5 stages. Please read about each stage in our process below!


Every solar process starts with the owner being interested in solar for their property. Whether you contact us directly, or use a third-party process to get quotes, everyone needs certain details to start. We need to know the address where solar is desired, your annual energy consumption, energy cost, and goals. Energy consumption and cost can be determined simply by providing a copy of your electric bill. Other things you want to think about here are your goals. What exactly are you looking to gain from solar? Do you have a strict budget but still want to go green, or are you looking to maximize your energy production to be bill free? Either way solar can be customized to fit your needs. This evaluation can easily be done over the phone or email.


Contrary to popular belief, not every property is good for solar. Ideally, you want south facing space (roof or ground), and nothing, like trees, that could cause shading and decrease production. Once we have the initial information from the evaluation, we can easily work on a design to fit your needs and your space. We will work up visual design for your installation and provide an initial quote to go with it. From there, we will meet with you to go over it to see if there are any questions you have, or any changes that you would like to see made. Ultimately, this will happen until a final design is approved by you.

quote / Contract

With a final design comes the final quote. Our quotes simply spell out all the costs associated with your installation, the materials used, and the final approved visual. If you opt for financing, all that information is included as well. Once the quote is initialed, we draft a contract for you to sign. This contract will talk about install timeline, the payment schedule, warranties, and other important information. Once the contract is signed, by us and you, we will require the materials deposit so that we can order all of your solar materials for delivery.

Permits / Approvals

After the contract is signed and the and deposit is received, we get started on drafting all the paperwork  and diagrams required for installation. Then, we will submit all the packages for city/county permits, and for Energy company approvals and agreements. Once the initial approvals come through, which could take several weeks, we schedule your official installation start date.

installation / energizing

It’s finally time to start your install! You will see the same smiling faces that initially met with you on-site to do your installation. Since we are also an electric company, we do not sub-contract out work to anyone. Depending on the size of your solar panel system, installation could take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. Near the end of the installation, once we verify everything is working correctly, we will send you the information for your monitoring software. Here, you will be able to see how your system is working and what it’s producing at any given time. After that, we schedule for a final inspection and for your Energy company to come change your meter out to a net meter. Then, that’s it. You are finally making your own power!



  • Solar Roof Mounts
  • Solar Ground Mounts
  • Solar Carports
  • Solar Pergolas
  • Agricultural Solar
  • Electric Vehicle Chargers
  • Solar Battery Back-up Systems
  • Commercial Solar and EV Chargers
  • Electrical


We are based out of Mason, OH, but service all of of the Cincinnati and Dayton metro areas, including but not limited to:

West Chester, OH. Liberty Township, OH. Hamilton, OH. Fairfield, OH. Oxford, OH. Monroe, OH. Middletown, OH. Springboro, OH. Lebanon, OH. Franklin, OH. Miamisburg, OH. Centerville, OH. Kings Mills, OH. Kenwood, OH. Blue Ash, OH. Symmes Township, OH. Montgomery, OH. Evendale, OH. Wyoming, OH. Mount Healthy, OH. Springdale, OH. Norwood, OH. College Hill, OH. Lockland, OH. Madeira, OH. Hyde Park, OH. Miamitown, OH. Morrow, OH. Kettering, OH. Bellbrook, OH. Loveland, OH. Ross, OH. Finneytown, OH. Landen, OH. Maineville, OH. Norwood, OH.


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