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Residential and Commercial Roof Top Solar Installations

Solar roof mounts are a great way to utilize otherwise empty space to make your own power. It’s great if you have little to no yard, and if you wanted to leave your yard open.  Today, it’s the most common place people put solar!


The best roofs are south facing or west facing so that you can generate the most power, and you are going to want to have some roof sections with decent open space. Some roofs that have a lot of peaks and sides, while they look fancy, are not good for solar. Solar panels themselves are pretty large, some getting up to 65in by 42in, so you need several feet of open space to accommodate them.


For businesses, it’s a great way to cover energy costs without using valuable ground space or shipping/receiving space. If you would like to utilize your parking space, check out our solar carport options! Whether you have just a small portion of roof, or a large section, roof installations can accommodate any size space available. 


Visit our Photo Gallery to see recent roof installations that we have done. The cost of solar installs has dramatically decreased over the recent years, and it’s a great way to take money off of your energy bill. Contact us today to see what these type of solar mounts can do for you! We can work with any budget you have to give you the max return on your investment, plus there are still tax credits that you can take advantage of. 

Residential and Commercial Ground Mounted Solar Installations

Solar ground mounts are a fantastic way to add solar and make enough power to cover all of your energy bills. They are great for anyone who has a lot of space in their yard, or for business that have empty green space that they want to utilize to their benefit. There are 2 types of solar ground mount options: stationary, and tracking.


Stationary ground mounts are solar panels that are installed at a fixed angle facing the sun’s path, and are quite affordable. They can be only a few panels, or many panels. Check out our Photo Gallery to see what these are like.


Tracking ground mounts come in two options: single-axis or dual-axis. Single axis ground mounts look a lot like stationary mounts but move on a single axis so that you can get an optimal angle for production all year long. These cost a bit more than stationary mounts, but usually the extra cost is gained back with the extra energy it produces.


Dual axis trackers are usually a set of 42 solar panels that are installed in a square and set on a pole with a motor that allows them to track the sun as it moves through the sky everyday, therefore optimizing your energy production. These are a bit more expensive to install but can utilize less space and produce more energy. Often you can use less solar panels, and get more out of it.


Typical Ground Mounts can even be less to install than roof mounts depending on how many panels you need because they are installed all together instead of many places on your roof.

Custom Solar Carports and Pergolas

Do you have an outdoor area that gets so hot that you don’t go outside as much as you would like? Or a patio that you would like to make into a functional space with some shade? If so, a Solar Pergola may be a great option for you. It is a stunning addition to any residential environment, plus you can make your own power with it!

Solar Pergola’s combine the great look of traditional Pergola’s with Solar Panels on top instead. Raiden Electric creates these custom pergolas to any outdoor area you have, so they can be for a large outdoor space or only cover a small patio. We use bi-facial solar panels on these pergolas, so you don’t only capture the energy from the sun on top, but also anything that gets reflected back underneath, therefore increasing your energy production! These pergolas also provide a nice covered, shady environment underneath so you can make your space functional with seating, tables, etc, while still staying cool and enjoying being outside. Check out our Photo Gallery to see some of these installs.

Solar Carports are exactly what they sound like: Solar Panels covering an area where a car or car-like item would be parked. Raiden Electric can help you utilize these spaces for a green energy project.

Some customers have Recreational Vehicles, camping trailers, or cars that are parked on their property. We take these spaces and build an open structure over them with solar panels on top. This is a great way to provide some protection to these items from the elements, while still producing power to cover energy bills.

Other customers, like businesses, have tons of space where vehicles are parked. We can take these rows of spaces and build a solar panel structure over them so that the parking space is still maximized, but you are producing power from the solar panels. This is a great option for commercial customers that have no green space, but might like covered parking, and to save money on their energy bills.

If this sounds like something you may be interested in, contact us to see what we can do for you!

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Solar Battery Back-ups

While batteries are not required in Ohio because of net metering, some customers may still want them for back-up power in case of a grid outage. We can add on a battery package to any solar installation. We just need to figure out how much power you would require in the event of a grid outage to determine the size of battery that you would need. For more information on why you don’t need batteries, refer to our FAQ page.

Battery add-ons can be costly, so we don’t recommend them unless you are in an area with frequent power outages, you would need emergency back-up power to run something, or can’t have something turned off. 


Electric Vehicles are becoming increasingly popular these days, and here at Raiden Electric, we are EV charging experts! We can even install chargers that tie into your solar, so that you can say your vehicle is charged by the sun! 

Currently, there are still 30% tax incentives you can take advantage of when installing EV chargers, and if you live in the DPL/AES energy market, contact us today to find out how you may be able to get most, if not all of your EV charger installation for free! Especially if you are a business and want to install a charging bank on your property!

Check out our the video below to see some of the installations we have done (and check our socials for more photos). We can handle anything from small plug installations to large DC fast charging installations. We will ensure that your electrical infrastructure can handle the load. Contact us today for all your EV charging needs!

Wondering what EV charger to buy to charge your EV? Here is what we recommend and install all the time!

Why we like it?


  1. Allows charging up to 9x faster than a wall charger.
  2. It can draw up to 50amps to meet any car needs.
  3. Swivel head helps protect the charging head.
  4. Reliable with a long cord.

Why we like it?


  1. Easy to take with you.
  2. 110/120V switchable, which is faster than a regular plug.
  3. Long charging cord.
  4. Perfect for Plug-in hybrids, or someone who doesn’t drive often.



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